About Me

I worked in the petroleum industry for over 30 years with my final 20 years working for Shell. One of my roles was recognising patterns and looking for solutions to mitigate risks, which helped me in identifying ways to trade in a different way to what was available in the marketplace.

Tony Langley

I came across the Betfair exchange website around 2010 which I found very interesting as you are betting against other punters and Betfair takes a commission on whoever wins. Then I came across a sports trader who got me interested in football trading, although my issue was that I could not accept that you would have losses. After some time, I started to create my own methods and strategies with my unique recovery process to help prevent losses.

I have been trading my methods and strategies now for over 7 years and this has allowed me to experience lots of great holidays, experiences and more importantly give up my job, as having the security and peace of mind that I can make money when I wanted became a game changer for me.

This has led me to promote a couple of trading products marketed in the UK and help lots of people to learn how to trade with my methods, strategies and unique recovery process.

My life is now very different in that I can do what I want when I want without a boss telling me what to do, which is a very nice feeling.

Football trading has changed my life and there is nothing like my strategies and recovery approach out there that I have ever seen or found and so if I can help people to learn to trade to get a better life for themselves then that is a worthwhile aspiration.

Tony Langley enjoying life
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