All of these packages provide full access to all the strategies.

Firstly, there are 3 familiar strategies in the “Automation Recovery Process Strategy Section” that have an automation recovery process.  Each of these strategies use existing available software but with my specific recovery process. This process  allows you to take up specific score lines in a structured approach that involves stating the required amount on each of the scorelines that need to be covered and ticking boxes. Then the software places these bets into the market for you, which can be done multiple times, plus adding additional scorelines, if required. This is all possible by using my unique approach…in short, you are adding a value into a box and then ticking boxes for scorelines and the software does the rest.

Then we have 4 brand new strategies in the Limited Recovery Strategy Section” with the limited meaning an easy to follow recovery approach that can be done manually or using an automation recovery process.

The next is the No Recovery Strategy Section”. This section contains 4 strategies. Two of these are also in the limited recovery section. All of these strategies are no recovery, which means you can trade with them and have no recovery as you are looking to win over the longer term.

Then in the final section is the “Scalping Trading Strategies”, which have pre-kickoff strategies and in-play strategy.

Everything is provided within a membership site that contains an introduction section with a video where I am showing you around the site, highlighting the approach plus key areas including the how-to-video section with lots of helpful videos and the tools & guides section containing helpful calculators to help you with your trading.

Support, Trade Selections, and Webinars

Plus support is offered for you to have access to myself as I am the only person who responds to the support tickets. This is at a cost, but included with the top 2 packages for a period.

Also, trade selections are offered on a daily basis across all of the strategies for those available on each day. This is at a cost, but included with the top 2 packages for a period.

Monthly webinars will take place for the first 6 months covering various topics available to all levels.

Select from the following packages:

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