The 2021/2022 football season is in full swing—there are hundreds of opportunities available every month—why not make bucket loads of cash from it?!

If I could show you how to stake a £30 bet in order to WIN £80... knowing that with just a few clicks of your mouse you could AUTOMATICALLY recover your initial £30 if the result didn't go your way... would you give it a go?

How about £44 to make £132?

Or £104 to make £320

Enter the arena with Tony Langley's 'breakthrough'

Gladiator Trading

... the amazing new 'no fear' betting strategy where you can AUTOMATICALLY recover your original stake if the result goes against you! 

I'll be frank with you, sceptics, doubters and general whingers say it can't be done but time and time again I prove them wrong, typically banking pay-outs of between £80 - £350 from a single trade using my UNIQUE football 'hedging' secrets where 90% of the time I WIN and lock in a decent profit... or at the very least, I get my stake back and break even the other 10% of the time if the result doesn't go as planned.

Gladiator Trading: It's like having your own personal ATM with an unlimited bank balance!!!

Now, I'm taking football trading to a whole new level...
 AUTOMATED STAKE RECOVERY is here, making it easier than ever for anyone, even raw beginners

tax-free profits every month without even breaking a sweat!!!

Tony Langley

Hi there, Tony here,

If you're reading this you probably know me already. 

You'll know I'm just your normal average bloke.

Ok, I like a few of the nicer things in life - who doesn't? But on the whole I'm happy to live a quiet and uneventful existence.

Unlike most people though, I do something they don't...

Week after week I collect quick, easy, typical tax-free pay-outs
of £80 to £350 from the football markets,
pretty much whenever I feel like it!

These smaller amounts soon add up too.

In fact, over the last few years I've banked plenty from my unique, recovery based trading strategies which, believe it or not, actually take 'the fear' out of losing, because you know you can always get your stake back if things don't go your way!

I'm not telling you this to brag... 

I'm telling you because the 2021/2022 football season is in full swing and YOU could be pocketing amazing returns THIS YEAR with my latest football strategic hedging techniques which make it EASY for anyone to receive typical pay-outs of  £80... £132... £267... £322  -  just as I do - pretty much on demand!

Introducing Tony Langley's...

Gladiator Trading

with AUTOMATED RECOVERY PROCESS, the brand new football trading strategy that could easily net YOU regular profits every month! 

It's a big claim I know...

But it's one I wouldn't be making if I wasn't 100% sure I could back it up.

The thing is, I'm that confident that this is the breakthrough you've been looking for so I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is!

Before I tell you about it though, let me ask you something...

Imagine if you could buy those lottery scratch cards you see at the checkouts whenever you pay for anything.

You know the ones, they're all over the place... newsagents, supermarkets, petrol stations...

What if you knew that every time you played, you were ALWAYS going to win?

There was no doubt…

No nerves as you scratch off that little silver panel…

You just knew that one way or another there was going to be a pay-out no matter what.

Sometimes it might be £80…

Others it might be £150…

Sometimes even £300+…

In other words… MOST of the time a decent amount of cash.

Occasionally however (10% of the time tops), you’d only get the cost of the card back.

How often would you play?

Once a month? Twice a week? Twice a day?!

Well let me tell you...

That's what it's like when you use my unique football trading techniques where 90% of the time I win and lock in a decent profit...

...or at the very least, I recover my stakes and break even the other 10% of the time if the results don't go my way!

Now we're into the 2020/2021 football season and it's like having hundreds of scratchcards available to play every single month where you know you're always going to win and lock in typical
pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £320 (tax-free by the way) or get your costs back no matter what!

Seriously, it's like being a kid in a sweetshop!

Look I know you're probably sceptical...

I can understand that.

But give me a few minutes of your time and I'll prove it!

Ok with that?

Good. Let's go.

The thing is...

Nothing beats the feeling of winning right?

The buzz you get from it is probably one of the best in the world as it somehow feels like you're getting 'free' money!

And sure, with my system it's no different...

You simply place a certain type of bet and because of a very specific game selection criteria (which I'll tell you about later), that bet will win 90% of the time!

Of course a win rate like this in itself is pretty impressive...

When you're getting returns like £80... £132... £267... £320... 90% of the time (which is your pocket, no tax to pay)...

Well, no-one can argue that it's a fluke can they?

However the obvious reason why the majority of people don't have a little flutter more often in order to get this free money is because of the fear of losing...

After all, it's when things 'go south' and the proverbial **** hits the fan, well it's a whole different story!

You see, making sure you don't lose money if things don't go according to plan requires a very different strategy right from the start and while the sceptics, doubters and the usual whingers say it can't be done...

...over the last five years or so, I've continually proved them wrong with my UNIQUE football strategic 'hedging' secrets!

And it's not just me either.

I've shown my system to other people who are raking it in...

Take Christopher from Cambridge for example... he locks in regular profits consistently doing what I've shown him.

Or Steve from Manchester who again makes regular profits from football trading with hardly any effort at all!

And there are plenty of people who are happy to consistently lock in smaller profits... say £50 here... £85 there... or the odd £185 as and when they need it!

What I'm saying is...

Winning is the easy bit, anyone can do it...

But it's this ability to recover your initial stake if things go against you that makes my system totally unique!

Well I'm proud to say that I've recently developed the first ever automated recovery process that makes getting your money back, quicker and easier than ever before!

Think about it...

If you could place a bet knowing that you're always going to either win or at the very least, with just a few clicks of your mouse, AUTOMATICALLY get your stakes back and break even...

Why WOULDN'T you do it?

You could forget lottery tickets...'d be like having your own personal ATM with an unlimited supply of money!! 

Days... weeks... even years from now... you could be helping yourself to instant cash all the time knowing that your bank balance isn't being affected!

Well my Gladiator Trading Automated Recovery Process is the closest thing to it!

Now before you think you may have seen something like this before...

Think again.

You haven't!

I know that because I've personally developed it myself and there's absolutely nothing else like it out there.

Seriously, it's the ultimate trading breakthrough and as long as you use it in the way I show you... you simply CANNOT lose!

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

How can you possibly bet on something and know 100% for sure that you're not going to be out of pocket if the bet doesn't win?

It's easy to be a little sceptical.

Frankly I don't blame you if you are.

In fact, if you're like most people, you’re probably even trying to second guess exactly how my stake recovery process works and wondering if it's even possible!

Well let me stop you right there...

You don't need to be thinking any of those things because I'm going to explain all in a minute!

Just before I do, however, let me tell you something that I don't do…

And this is VERY important...

I NEVER try and play 'catch up' by betting on the next game with a higher stake just to recover a previous loss! 

That's a mug's game for sure and it's why nearly all full-on gamblers end up broke!

Don't do it!

What my system does is use a very clever strategy that gets your stakes paid back to you because of a few additional bets that you place either at the start of a game or at certain times when it's in-play.

Now of course I know that sounds a bit weird because potentially that means there's more opportunity to lose money as well as win...

...or so you'd think!

But bear with me!

You see, thanks to the internet, it comes down to the type of betting platform we use these days!

Forgive me if you know about these already but we don't place our bets with the good old-fashioned bookie anymore - they're far too restrictive -

What we use is something called a betting exchange where we bet against other people who are happily trying to take money off us, just as we're trying to take money off of them.

betting exchanges

And these betting exchanges are great for a number of reasons!

For starters...

...rather than just allowing single bets on which team will win a football match, they also have many other scenarios that you can bet on, for the same game!

For example you can place a 'back' bet on a team to win...

If that team does win, you get your pay-out... simple.

Don't forget, these pay-outs can easily be £80... £132... £267... or £322 (in your pocket remember, with no tax to pay)!

Or you can place a 'lay' bet on the same team that it WON'T win!

This means that if the other team wins, or it's a draw... you still win!

With me so far?

Good, let's carry on...

Now, you can can also place multiple bets on various different things like what the half-time score will be...

...or the final score...

...or whether there will or won't be more that 0.5 goals scored.

If you back 'over 0.5' goals for example, and at least one goal is scored (1 is more than 0.5)... your bet wins and you get paid!

On the other hand if you lay 'over 0.5' goals you'd lose if one or more goals are scored because a lay bet means you're betting that something WON'T happen (although you'd win if the score was 0:0 because no goals is LESS than 0.5)!

Do you see?

Don't worry if it seems a little complicated, it's really not... I promise you, once you start locking in those nice chunky pay-outs each week, it'll all make perfect sense!

The point is...

Through the betting exchanges there are loads of different scenarios you can bet on and we can really use these to our advantage!

All I do is hedge my initial bet by placing either back or lay bets in certain other 'markets' on the same game, at a lesser price but with a higher return, so that in the end... initial stake is covered and I either win those typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £322... 90% of the time or I get my stake back and at least break even the other 10% of the time.

Good eh?

Effectively I'm doing no more than what a bookmaker does... and do you ever see a poor bookie?!

"Ah, but isn't what a bookmaker does complicated? If it was easy everybody would be doing it wouldn't they?"

Well the way they do it, it can be!

But not the way I do it though, and now with automated recovery process it's just a breeze!

However, there's more!

The majority of people using these betting exchanges are generally, either casual punters having a flutter...

 ...or full-on gamblers who actually enjoy trying to bet against you and take your money!

Either way, the bottom line is, most of them tend to be greedy, which makes them erratic in their approach!

Which is great news for us because by using a very specific game selection process I can very accurately predict which matches my strategy will work best on...

... and more importantly, the way the punters who place risky bets will behave, so I can take the most advantage!

Of course now with the 2021/2022 football season well and truly under way, there are literally hundreds of games we can profit from every single month because there are so many more undisciplined punters we can take money off!!


You will be when you start receiving those typical £80... £132... £267... £322 pay-outs in 90 minutes or less without having to worry about losing your original stake!

Now, over the last few years my recovery based football trading methods were ground breaking...

But with automated recovery process, my Gladiator Trading System has taken them to a new level.

Never before has there been such a simple way of making sure you don't lose money!

  • There's no real thinking involved...

  • No deciding which bets to place...

  • No deciding how much to stake on each scenario...

It's just a case of following my simple instructions and then using some readily available software (which I can even show you how to get for free by the way) to place a few bets in the way I tell you and then sit back and count the money!

Frankly, it's not much more than point and click stuff
and then it's all done!

Bottom line...

The money you’ll be making...and you’ll be enjoying...

...can all be made with just a few clicks of your mouse during a game, that automatically makes sure your money is protected no matter what happens!

Now just to be clear...

I'm not one of those internet 'guru' types who just get rich by selling stuff they don't do themselves!

Far from it!

I still love doing what I do.

My personal trading these days, brings me a good living, which suits me just fine.

In fact take a look at this picture...

Tony Langley in his

This is me in 'my office'.

Yes that is Starbucks...

I like going there to do my trading.

The staff are lovely, I enjoy the air-conditioning and I can just relax with a nice coffee while enjoying their free wi-fi!

Here's another pic of me in another 'office' making a few bob while I was away on holiday last year!

I think I'd just pulled in a couple of hundred quid if I remember rightly!

Point is...

It doesn't matter where I am, I can still be making heaps of cash as long as I can get online.

What it comes down to is this...

When you're confident you can always recover your initial stake, regardless of the final score... trading is ultimately the most rewarding, enjoyable way of making a fantastic living because you can pretty much do what you like, when you like and still not miss out whenever there's an opportunity to make some extra cash! 

Tony Langley enjoying life

I suppose you could say...

Knowing you're always going to win, or more importantly, NOT lose gives you the ultimate FREEDOM to do whatever you want!

Fancy a bit of that?

Well I've got some great news...

You see I'm always looking for new angles, new ways to make it even easier to profit from the football markets while still NOT losing money in the process!

And when I retired a couple of years ago from my day job I've had loads more time to work on doing the things that make me want to get out of bed in the morning...

You know, researching, developing, testing, refining!

Some people might even ask why do I do it?

Kudos... admiration... reputation?


It's none of those things really.

It's because I genuinely get a buzz out of seeing other people turn their lives around by helping themselves to quick, easy gains, just as I do, pretty much on demand!

Which is why I've set up a completely new portal that has got something for everybody who's interested in making £3,000 to £6,000 a month from the football markets.


You see, although the automated stake recovery is the backbone of Gladiator Trading, it's not only about that.

In fact it's much more... it's the ultimate football trading membership site!

Seriously, if you're tired of all those programmes that over-promise and under-deliver you've got to see this.

I promise you won't find a more complete wealth of information on how to make a great income from these markets anywhere.

You can get INSTANT ACCESS to Gladiator Trading today!

If you decide to become a member, regardless of your experience there will be something here for you.

For starters...

You'll INSTANTLY get FULL access to the trading strategies that make up the system.

I'm not just talking about the best bits to tease you into buying more like some of those other sellers offer you...

With this you get everything, the whole shebang...

...14 strategies, each with full instructions and training videos that show you step-by-step exactly what to do (I'll also be adding more and as a member you'll get access to these as they become available).

Now each one of these is highly valuable in its own right because of how much profit you can make with them but you don't have to use them all...

In fact you could easily just use one or two and still make the kind of income that most people only dream about!

They're all covered in four sections. Firstly there's...

The Automated Recovery PROCESS Strategy section

If you've used any of my previous trading programmes you may already be familiar with the 3 strategies here but the difference now is that, rather than having to work out the recovery bets and stakes needed to get your original stake back...

... you can use readily available software to AUTOMATICALLY do the work for you.

Now don't forget, with my methods the strike rate is so good that 90% of the time you don't need recovery anyway but now you can have peace of mind knowing that if a match looks like it's going against you, getting your stake back is easier than ever!

In this section you'll discover:

  • EXACTLY how the software simplifies recovery if it's needed, making it easy to break even if the result goes against you!

  • How, all you have to do is state the required amount that needs to be recovered (generally your initial stake) and then tick a few boxes which tells the software which bets to place (which there'll be specific instructions on by the way).

  • How the software then works out the specific stakes and then places these bets into the market for you.

How simple is that?

The software can even be used multiple times on the same game if necessary too.

Occasionally this happens where some extra bets are needed, which again, you're given specific instructions on what to do, but the thing to take from this is, it's just so easy that a 10 year old child could do it!

In short all you're doing is adding a value into a box, then ticking a few other boxes and the software does the rest for you!

I'll tell you, collecting those typical £80... £132... £267... £320 pay-outs will never be so easy which can easily add up to a great monthly income!

The Limited Recovery Strategy section

Here you'll get instant access to 4 BRAND NEW methods that have never been seen before.

Now it could be said that the limited recovery trades might not to be quite as profitable as the trades in the Automated Recovery section, but for cutting your teeth and getting familiar with how the system works, these are probably the easiest way to start!

The reason I call these limited recovery is because there are fewer processes involved in getting your original stake back.

This means it's easier and as there is less to do, some people actually enjoy doing the recovery manually. 

Of course that doesn't mean you have to do it like this...

The automated recovery software will work fine on these too, as before, doing all the thinking for you!

The No Recovery Strategy section

Now I have to confess, I've included these in Gladiator Trading because I get so many requests for methods that DON'T require recovery at all. 

These are for people who just want the simplest form of trading there is.

Basically these are strategies that don't rely on getting your stake back if things go against you but have such a high success rate that it's almost impossible not to win over time!

There are 4 strategies in this section but two of them are also in the limited recovery section, so if you're happy to do a little extra and decide that you want to be able to recover your initial stake, you still can!

The Scalping Trading Strategy section

Now again these are included because of requests from people who like this kind of approach to trading.

Essentially these methods involve a pre-kick-off strategy and 2 in-play strategies.

The pre-kick-off strategy generally involves taking advantage of a moving market where we look to gain a trend movement for a profit BEFORE the kick-off - otherwise we just scratch the trade before the game even starts!

The in-play strategies takes advantage of a common occurrence that can allow us to make a quick profit regularly throughout the game.

Do this over and over with smaller stakes and you'll be buzzing like a bee round honey when you see how much you've made at the end of a match!

As I said, all these methods are highly valuable in their own right...

I could easily sell each one of them for hundreds of pounds and that'd still be cheap because of how much money they can make.

But as a member of Gladiator Trading you'll be getting them all, in their entirety in one place so you can decide which of them suits you the best.

Of course you don't just get the trading strategies!

Videos, Guides, Step-by-Step Instructions,
it's all here...

  • Yes that's right... you'll never be left scratching your head wondering what to do because of a highly informative section that's packed with loads of helpful videos and full step-by-step instructions for each method that show you exactly how each works and how to get the maximum from each one.

  • Everything is backed up with slides so you can download it all, print it out and have a hard copy as well if you prefer to learn this way!

  • There's also a fantastic 'Tools & Guides' section that contains helpful calculators and other 'goodies' that will help you with your trading. Again fully downloadable.

  • And just to make it as easy as possible for you, when you enter the site there's also an introduction section that contains a video of me where I show you around, highlighting the best approach and the best way to get the most out of the key areas including the how-to-video section and the tools & guides section.

Seriously, there's nothing else like this on the market.

Whether you're new to trading or you've been at it a while, there will be something for you to get your teeth into and start making a true, freedom giving income from the football markets!

Now before we go any further, I need to talk about the very specific match selection criteria I mentioned earlier.

I consider this to be my most closely guarded secret because if you get this right...

...the odds are SO heavily stacked in your favour and it's what enables us to strike a 90% win rate WITHOUT having to resort to recovery in the first place!

As a member of Gladiator Trading you'll be shown the whole process on how to select these matches yourself.

Basically it comes down to having a little nose around at a few specific websites for a certain type of information and then using it to make sure that the criteria is satisfied before going ahead with any of the trading strategies above.

It only takes a couple of minutes and makes a HUGE difference to the bottom line.

Be warned though, this is where so many people get it wrong when starting out because they're too impatient to take the time to do this small step. 

I guess some people are just too lazy to do it as well which is why I also run a match selection service, where I have a 'stats' man do this all for me, which I then pass on.

As a member of Gladiator Trading you'll have the option to have the trade selections sent to you so you don't have to do this part yourself if you don't want to but all the information will be available to you so you can do it yourself if you'd rather.

It's early days in the 2021/2022 football season
but you can start making money from it right now!

Getting in on the ultimate football trading system and all this fantastic information is simple...

In fact you can get INSTANT ACCESS to everything within minutes!

I'm not joking, you could literally have life-changing information available to you in less time than it takes to make a cuppa!

To join today and start the process to lock in in those quick, easy, typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £322, you have three options.

The first I like to call the FA Cup option!

The FA Cup option is only £697 (including vat) for instant access to everything on the membership website.

You get all 14 strategies, along with the 'how to' videos, instructions and tools that show you how to do everything step-by-step.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here to start receiving those typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £322, pretty much whenever you feel like it, which can easily add up to an excellent monthly income!

With this option you also have the choice of whether you'd like to receive my personal support as well.

Not everyone will need additional help over and above all the training videos and step-by-step instructions but if you feel you want it, support is charged monthly at a cost of £49 (including vat) on top of the one off fee.

I offer this through a special help desk where you'll get personal one-to-one help.

On top of this you also have a further option to receive the trade selections provided by my 'stats' man, on a daily basis for all of the strategies that are available on each day. This is charged at £49 (including vat) a month.

Of course both of these additional options can be taken separately and both or either can be cancelled at anytime after the first month.

The second option I like to call the European Cup Option!

The European Cup option is just £997 (including vat) for instant access to everything on the membership website.

Again you get all 14 strategies, along with the 'how to' videos, instructions and tools that show you how to do everything step-by-step.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here to start receiving those typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £322, pretty much whenever you feel like it, which can easily add up to an excellent monthly income!

This option is better value though because it INCLUDES 4 months personal one-to-one support and 4 months trade selections from my 'stats' man on a daily basis as well!

After the four month period, as before support is charged at the cost of £49 (including vat) per month and £49 (including vat) for trade selections per month, but both or either can be cancelled at any time.

Finally, you have the daddy of all the options—the World Cup Option!

The World Cup option is just £1297 (including vat) for instant access to everything on the membership website.

You get all 14 strategies, along with the 'how to' videos, instructions and tools that show you how to do everything step-by-step.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here to start receiving those typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £322, pretty much whenever you feel like it, which can easily add up to an excellent monthly income!

However, this option INCLUDES 9 months personal one-to-one support and 9 months trade selections from my 'stats' man on a daily basis, which makes it the best value.

After the nine month period, as before support is charged at the cost of £49 (including vat) per month and £49 (including vat) for trade selections per month, but both or either can be cancelled at any time.

Oops, I nearly forgot the webinars!

I love doing webinars!

They're a great way for me to give a little extra to my subscribers so I try to do them when I can for my regular subscribers.

But guess what?

Yes, I've decided to include these in all three of the options as well.

Whether you go for the FA CUP option, the European Cup option or the World Cup option, you'll get access to all the webinars I broadcast for the first 6 months.

These are great learning aids as they cover various topics available to all levels and allow me to interact with many subscribers so we can all benefit!

So, in summary, this is what you're going to get...

  • You've got a choice of three lower priced packages that make it affordable for everyone as Gladiator Trading is at least 50% cheaper than any previous online packages I've sold.

  • The top two packages include a period of support AND trade selections making Gladiator Trading perfect for anyone no matter their experience.

  • Gladiator Trading is based on 14 high value strategies which include FULL Automated Recovery strategies, Limited Recovery strategies with manual OR automated recovery, No Recovery strategies and Scalping strategies.

  • You have an option to have trade selections sent to you on a daily basis across all of the strategies for those available on each day!

  • You have the option for personal one-to-one access to me directly through a handy ticket support help desk. I'm the only one who answers these tickets so you know that you'll never be fobbed off and will always get the best possible help if you need it. 

  • There are full instructional videos covering all the strategies plus how you find the trades yourself along with live video examples.

  • There's a handy Tools & Guides section to help you learn EVERYTHING there is to know!

  • And everything is backed up with slides so you can download it all and print anything out you fancy so you have a hard copy if that's what you'd rather!

In other words, there's a crazy amount of good stuff here
and you don't want to miss out!

Now there's one other thing I need to mention.

You're probably expecting a money-back guarantee.

I don't blame you, everyone offers one nowadays in the hope that people will be too lazy to take them up on it!

Well, I thought long and hard about this and this is what I've concluded.

Refund Policy

I absolutely love football trading.

I'm passionate about it and genuinely want to share my knowledge with other people who will use my methods and can make a life-changing income from what I show them.

I also work really hard to be able to achieve that.

However, unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, my product is information that's available online.

In other words I'm supplying an online based service that can be used immediately upon viewing so there is no product to return.

Unfortunately this also means that what I offer can easily be copied and exploited, especially as everything is downloadable and can be printed out.

If you're serious about this, there's too much for me to lose to unscrupulous people who either want to just get all the information and then ask for a refund, or to get the information to pass on to other people for free.

It's not fair on me, and neither is it on you once you've paid for the service.

Bringing you Gladiator Trading has pretty much been my sole purpose for the last year or so with many hours, a great deal of money and a huge amount of effort spent on it.

It's a ground breaking system that can genuinely work for you if you use it properly, which I will show you how to do.

My service is absolutely the best I can make it but just as with the stock market you must recognise that the information cannot be guaranteed and that past performance is not a promise of future results.

What is guaranteed is that you will receive the service that was purchased in full.

What I'm saying is this...

Once the service has commenced I'm not offering a money back guarantee.

But I will make you a promise... I only want you to become a member of Gladiator Trading if you take it seriously.

And if you do, I promise that you will have access to absolutely everything you need to help you to make a life-changing income. 

If you opt to have my support as well, I will always go the extra mile to help you in any way I can.

Anyone who knows me or who has had my support from other programmes I've been involved with in the past will know that my support is second to none. I will always do my best to make sure you're successful with the information I give you.

There is no doubt.

This is a great programme, I truly believe it to be the best on the market by far...

it's just been taken to another level!

On that basis, I hope you understand and I look forward to sharing this fantastic system with you.

I think you'll agree, that's pretty fair.

So why wait?

You can get instant access to everything you need right now in the members area.

You can get instant access to everything you need right now in the members area.

You can get instant access to everything you need right now in the members area.

Within minutes you'll have access to this amazing new system and once you start using it, you'll be able to see how easy it is to lock in those typical pay-outs of £80... £132... £267... £320! 

Not a bad little extra cash in your pocket is it?

If you're ready to start turning your life around today with Gladiator Trading, click on the buy button and you'll get your username and password sent to you, by email.

It's 100% online so you can get started immediately.

See you on the inside.

Tony Langley
Gladiator Trading

P.S. Just so you're in no doubt what a great deal this is when you join today, let me just remind you that Gladiator Trading with Automated Recovery is like having hundreds of lottery scratchcards available to play every single month where you know you're ALWAYS going to win...

90% of the time that win will typically pay you out £80... £132... £267... £322 and the other 10% of the time it'll simply pay you out the cost of the card back!

How about that for a great deal?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the strategies?

One-time payment gives you access to all strategies as long as this site exists, i.e.,  "lifetime".

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Monthly Support and Daily Trade Selection subscriptions may be cancelled at any time but there are no refunds for the main membership due to the nature of digital materials.

Who has access to monthly support?

One-to-One ticket support is built into this site and is available as a monthly subscription for all members. European Cup members get four months and World Cup members get nine months of support included in their packages.

Who should I contact if I have technical difficulties?

Please use the contact form located from the menu at the top of this page. This is only for technical difficulties with the website or video playback. For assistance with this programme, you must be subscribe to monthly support.

What about Daily Trade Selections?

Daily trade selections are available as a monthly subscription. European Cup members get four months free and World Cup members get nine months included in their packages.

How long do I have access to the webinars?

You will have access to all webinars I give during your first six months of membership. After that time, you can watch those recordings but you do not have access to any future recordings.

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