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Gladiator Trading Hints & Tips Number 3 Scalping Techniques

Please find below some helpful hints and tips.


This strategy works much better with home favourites that are really inform scoring goals and winning games plus teams that are leading in the leagues or are just performing really well with market confidence.

Also, the reverse can apply where you could look for the opposite and look to place a Lay bet instead so looking for the selection to drift up rather than down.

Another possible approach can be to look the night before checking odds checker as sometimes they can give an indicator.

The ideal trade is a trend from the morning that drops by 6 to 20 ticks before kick off, also we can use larger stakes on these scalping trades as you can place a stop loss using software that can be applied even after we move into profit to secure that profit otherwise without software you can keep track on it and place a manual reversing trade or cash out if needed.

I have personally made a lot of money with this strategy over the last couple of years and so have my beta testers.

This strategy focuses on favourites playing at home and benefits from how the correct score behaves when a favourite is dominant with possession during the first half of the game, as ideally we are just looking for the odds to drop lower during the first 20 minutes without a goal being scored.

If a goal is scored to early then we are sometimes in a disadvantage as the odds of the 1-0 previously move to the new score 2-0, which is how the correct score works, so we would need to wait or we could cash out for a small loss if this happens and find another trade. The other option is to wait to cash out and if another goal making the score 2-0 take up more score lines in the correct score like the current score AOH, 3-0, or more.

The ideal trade is a strong home favourite dominating possession and within the first 20 to 30 minutes the 2-0 score line has dropped or around the same time a goal is scored by the favourite reducing the odds on the 2-0 into profit.

This strategy takes advantage of goals where patterns show teams need time to adjust after the goal, which allows us the opportunity to take some profit from the market.

The best results come from giving the market time to find its level once it has reopened and then entering for a few minutes and exiting with a profit, but you only have 7 minutes in total from the goal time, so if entering and exiting a few times or just entering and staying in for a few minutes you must stop at 7 minutes after the goal time.

If you got caught by a 2nd goal your options are to recoup over the following trade profits or use a recovery approach similar to the early goal strategy by taking up score lines 3 goals and over.

The ideal trade is a goal followed by 7 minutes with you in the trade for 5 minutes giving a good return.

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  1. the trade im looking to master is the under 2.5 goals. i admit i am struggling a bit with it. i would appreciate a few video examples in addition to the ones available already to show trades from start to finish fast forwarding here and there. as a newby im struggling with the whole balancing of profit to cover liability, and what if a freak result happened quickly and i didnt have a scoreline covered, or it costing a fortune to cover a final scoreline. i mean is it possible to lose at some point or is it a fail safe. also if for example i have a bank of £1000 should i be limiting the entire possible trade using percentage of the bank, my thinking is i may run out of funds if i need to cover all scorelines. actually is it possible to even cover every scoreline if needed

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