Gladiator Trading Message Wednesday 11th September 2019

Dear Members,

There are no trading opportunities today or tomorrow as we are now at the end of the international break and things will be back to normal by Friday.

With a couple of days break members should have the chance to go through the information on the website and decide on a plan of action.

Remember we are here for the long haul and I would assume that most people would like to make a living out of trading on Betfair like myself and many other of my clients do.

You will hear me mention on numerous occasions Patience and Discipline as these are a massive part of my trading ethos that I try too in still in all members.

When you bought gladiator trading over the weekend you invested your faith in me to make you a successful trader and the 1st rules are Patience and Discipline follow the guidelines and stick to the rules.

You in effect started a new business over the weekend and anyone who has set up a new business knows they don’t  become wealthy over night, as this is not a get rich quick scheme and if you dive in using real money when you don’t know what you are doing you will get BADLY BURNT.

If I said to you that in 12 months time you could be trading for a living if you follow all the advice to the letter, you don’t trade your own selections in that period you just concentrate on the process and take the selections on the site would you be able to follow that plan.

Will you put the time and effort in to trade in demo until you are 100% convinced you have learnt the process.

This is massively important you need to go through a good few live recoveries in demo and know exactly what you are doing in real time before you risk your hard earned dosh.

This will test your discipline and patience too the max because it takes time due to the fact we have so few recoveries, but be in know doubt side step this and your 12 month plan to become a successful trader will go up in smoke with your trading bank, as you have to do the learning to understand the How/Why/When as these are the building blocks you need to learn to be successful.

We will be giving you selections with the added spice of  my stats man Steve who has over 25 years experience with his average monthly figures being around 400% ROI, which equates to a 40% bank increase per month before compounding, so why would you not want to trade on those selections.

Important to remember that with our selections for those of you have are receiving them they do not always meet the written down standard criteria for the strategies, Steve and myself review every single trade selection including all my extra criteria stats, which is more complex, as well as Steve’s football team/player/historic/etc stats to provide a scoring percentage that gives each trade the green light or red light, so you can be assured that these are the ones our top traders are taking which makes them a living trading.

Ok, hopefully I have given you some home truths and some of the most important information on the Gladiator Trading Programme

You have all the tools within Gladiator Trading to trade on Betfair or other exchanges the only thing that will stop you is yourself.

PATIENCE & DISCIPLINE PLUS STICK TO THE PLAN, print this email off and read it every day on your journey to becoming a successful trader.

Remember we are always here to support you and there are no silly questions as it is better to ask than not.

Welcome to Gladiator Trading which has a mix of what I like to call Art, Science, and Mathematics with a dash of Hollywood Licence, and I am very proud of it as it will stand the test of time I think and benefit not only us but hopefully the families of our future generations.

Finally, I have not quite finished with the strategies yet as I have a little bit more to add yet that I have not mentioned, also you are going to learn how to use this software in the coming months in most or all of my methods…..and in other ways as well…how exciting!!!

Thank you again for your support in my first launch independently as it is much appreciated.

Kind regards


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